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Stem Cells Therapy is a branch of alternative medicine that heals and restores the body with stem cells, which can proliferate themselves infinitely and become specialized cells. Stem Cells replaces lost and damaged cells and perform their functions. With the current advancement in technology, Stem Cells Therapy can restore wellbeing to those with incurable physical deterioration. The therapy can give another chance at a new life, making an active, fulfilling lifestyle possible once again.

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R3 LIFE is a collaboration between 2 leaders in stem cell technology

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R3 LIFE uses
3 important types of STEM CELLS.

Stem Cells can proliferate infinitely and transform themselves into various specialized cells depending on their origins. This great promise has been enticing scientists and medical professionals around the world to research and develop a treatment that harness their potential. To date, it is found that stem cells can be instrumental to curing over 85 serious diseases.
Cord tissue MSC

Cord tissue MSC

Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue
Amnion tissue MSC

Amnion tissue MSC

Stem cells from the placental membrane
Placenta (Human Placenta)

Placenta (Human Placenta)

placenta extract
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