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Knowledge is power, so we are determined to seek the truth from the body. Any number of health issues can be addressed at its roots if the right test is performed. We place great emphasis on ensuring our lab tests are specific, accurate, and reliable so that the specialists can recommend the best treatment for any circumstances.


The Standard Blood Test
A blood test is required before any intravenous stem cell infusion can be performed. The purpose of the test is to examine food intolerance, allergies, and the blood vitamin level.


The Test for 227 Types of Food Intolerance
This blood test measures the level of IgG immunity in the blood to analyze the body’s reaction to food samples. The reactions are observed to indicate the types of food to which the patient has intolerance.


Identifying the Cause of Acute Allergic Reactions
The blood test for IgE test can be performed to analyze and identify the cause of food allergies as well as airborne environmental allergens, such as dust or pet hair.
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